A word from the president

The enterprise Concilium has been created in response to an insistent call I heard throughout the years working with people and organizations. This word, of Latin origin, refers to the French word « conciliabule », that is, a discussion in a low voice, safe from indiscreet ears.

Throughout my career, I have been sensitive to a recurring problem: the solitude managers face and the lack of an intimate space where people can feel free to express themselves and expose their vulnerability without fear of being judged.

After many years working with large organizations (such as Mouvement Desjardins) and senior leaders in the public service, I founded Concilium Capital Humain Inc. and surrounded myself with a team of experts and multidisciplinary partners.

Our raison d’être is to assist decision-makers, employees, and entrepreneurs in the success of projects that involve change management and skills development, in harmony with their values.

I invite you to browse our website. It will help you get a better understanding of our service offering and approach, and identify a path that would allow us to move forward together.

A single hand can’t applaud. We will be there as partners to lend a hand in searching creative, inspiring solutions to ensure your continued success!

Hubert M. Makwanda
Founding President and trainer