The art of coaching, one branch at a time

Our team of professional coaches is available for in-person meetings in the Greater Montreal Area as well as online via Zoom technology.

Our coaching services are unique and personalized. They aim at attaining professional objectives and supporting your evolution. They are intended for senior leaders as well as teams and managers on the rise. Our approach to professional coaching is based on a rigorous methodology: it conforms to ethical practices that are sanctioned by international organizations such as the International Coaching Federation. Our certified coaches propose different types of coaching as well as a range of services that will help you reach your goals and full potential in a lasting way.

Executive coaching

This type of coaching is aimed at top-level managers and senior executives. Focused on the managerial function’s strategic and systemic aspect, executive coaching encourages open and sincere reflective exercises that are conducive to the emergence of concrete, achievable, and deliberate solutions.

Managerial coaching

Aimed at middle managers, this type of coaching helps managers realign and improve their approach to management. It encourages reflection so as to become more flexible, open, and receptive, and thus optimize teams’ functioning as well as rally employees for greater commitment.

Career coaching

Career change, questioning, or transition: all these changes deserve careful thoughts. Consulting is important then to maximize your chances of making the best possible decisions.

Integration coaching

This coaching program helps leaders in new roles be up to their responsibilities quickly. Many topics are discussed: leadership styles, responsiveness to delicate situations, listening, and attitude. The ultimate goal is to maximize success and reduce the time needed for integrating new roles, thus increasing productivity. A coach can help you reach a better understanding of the organizational context that will be yours.

Team coaching

Focused primarily on harmony among team members, this type of coaching will help you identify winning avenues to optimize each member’s aptitudes and talents. It will also help you put into practice a management approach that is favourable to the fulfilment and appreciation of each member’s potential.

Group coaching

Group coaching gathers peers with common goals and allows for collaboration and experiential learning. Thanks to this type of coaching, enterprises can offer development opportunities to a larger number of employees while reducing costs and improving sustainable performance.

Business coaching

Our team will help you develop your organization’s mission and implementation strategy, and formulate a concrete and realistic strategic vision—a must to start a business successfully and ensure a perfect cohesion between entrepreneurs and managers.


Thanks to our creative and human approach, harmonious and sustainable results can be achieved—that is our promise!

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