Inclusive Management of Diversity

The business world has diversified. Today, managers face new challenges that are increasingly complex. Yet, organizations can take advantage of new opportunities. Our activities count on the strength of a multidisciplinary team made of experts with extensive international experience. Our unique approach to inclusive management of diversity takes account of the specificities of each organizational culture. Identifying its natural anchoring helps managing change in a healthy manner and ensuring the organization’s sustainable development.

Inspiring and collaborative leadership

Discovering and deploying one’s leadership is central to the aspirations of any person or enterprise aiming to stand out. Unfortunately, this natural impetus is often experienced in an egocentric and inhuman way. Concilium proposes a unique approach inspired by nature. This approach to leadership development takes account of both the profound aspirations of people and their organizations as well as the ecosystem in which they evolve. For this purpose, we use creativity, introspection, judgement, and experimentation. Our approach, which is partly inspired by the wisdom of trees, frees both the creative power and people’s constructive influence. We believe that success and full, lasting blossoming are closely connected with the leaders’ capacity to establish and maintain consistency between the intellectual, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of their beings. Our approach can be experienced individually in the form of coaching, or in groups through co-development training or workshops.

Organizational Transformation

Complexity has become the contemporary norm. Every organization or manager wishing to perform and grow must develop skills to be agile. Adapting constantly and finding creative solutions will ensure the permanence of the organization or manager. Throughout the years, we have developed unique approaches to assist decision-makers and organizations in the following key contexts:

Strategic Planning:

This type of support helps organizations update their service offers, take advantage of new opportunities, detect potential threats, put themselves in a better position, and so on. Here are a few examples of questions that may serve as food for thought: To which elements must the organization adapt in order to remain relevant? Which skills must be developed to face new challenges? With whom must we face these challenges? What should we stop doing, and what should we start doing in a different way?

Team Building:

Enterprises’ fast-evolving external environment entails continuous adjustments from working teams. Labour shortage and massive retirements cause a high turnover of employees. Team cohesion has therefore become a competitive asset. Concilium has developed a special and recognized expertise (supported by psychometric tools) to assist managers and working teams with defining their common goals and joining efforts to create a collaborative culture that eases inclusion and collective performance.

Change Management :

In the current context full of complexity, change has become the norm. People involved in the organization are impacted by any change. Thanks to our expertise, we equip managers and their teams so that they can approach any change as an opportunity for improvement and growth, while valuing collective intelligence. In addition, our change management coaching eases the update of management processes and practices, in keeping with the underlying values of the organizational culture.