Concilium Capital Humain Inc. is a Laval-based Canadian enterprise. It has been providing training and consultant services for over 10 years in Canada and internationally.

Concilium is a Latin word composed of con, cal and ium : « convocation en masse », «assembly». CON forms part of words that refer to groups or convergence, hence union, to gather, to mobilize, confabulation, to reconcile. As for CAL from the Latin verb « calare » : to proclaim, to announce, to decide, to expose one's decisions.

Capital Humain (that is, human capital) refers to all the skills, experience, and knowledge acquired by an individual that determine her/his capacity to take part in value production. In our view, human capital is the soul of any project and organization, and it is crucial to take care of it. Concilium Capital Humain was created with the aim of contributing to the union between the individual and the group.

The genesis of the enterprise project lies in Mr. Hubert M. Makwanda’s human and professional path. Concilium’s founder describes himself as the one who brings people together.
It is the meaning of the name MAKWANDA.
The name’s meaning was explained to Mr. Makwanda by his grandmother before she passed away. He, then, found a vocation, a raison d’être.


The enterprise, envisioned in 2001, was founded in 2011, after which it was transformed several times. In 2018, the enterprise grew, and it strengthened its activities in both Quebec and West Africa. Since then, it has continued training and assisting hundreds of people and dozens of organizations each year. Throughout the years, it has innovated in its approach to adult education.