Drawing inspiration from analogies, gaining altitude

We offer original lectures on management and leadership. The lectures’ content is always personalized according to your needs and working environment! Have a look at these two examples that are inspired by nature.

Agile as a dolphin

Agile and cooperative leadership

Duration: 1h30

How can you meet short-term performance dictates without losing sight of sustainable organizational development? How can you reconcile your personal goals with those of your team? Inspired by the dolphin’s qualities, this lecture offers food for thought to leaders who wish to get off the beaten track and draw inspiration from the free wisdom that comes from nature and animals. The dolphin has much to teach us in this respect. The dolphin’s strength lies in its capacity to put its intelligence at the service of the common good. Empathic and joyful, flexible and fair, the dolphin is able to adapt to all the oceans of the world and knows how to create alliances to achieve its ends.

No roses without thorns !

Inclusive people management

Duration: 1h30

Managing diversity doesn’t represent added value anymore: it is an imperative. Now more than ever before, managers must deal with the complexity of human relations in the workplace because of the diversity of cultures, generations, languages, genders, and sexual orientations that meet in this context. Relational and communication skills are now essential. These skills distinguish the best leaders because mobilizing people is the cornerstone of performance. Paradoxically, organizations invest less and less in this aspect—which is similar to picking a rose, hoping to enjoy its beauty and scent without having to deal with its thorns. This lecture is aimed at people who are interested in means that can be used to manage and make the most out of diversity, from a sustainable development standpoint.