Study mission

A transformational « revitalisation » for managers-leaders


The aim of study missions is to go further into a topic, a theme, or a specific issue via personalized meetings.
These types of missions usually last from 5 to 10 working days.
Participants are presented with organizations and companies. They also meet speakers who are experts in their fields; these contributors can surpass the participants’ needs identified initially.


To ensure complete satisfaction, Concilium’s assistance includes logistical preparation, tool development, search for experts in the field, meetings and follow-ups, and professional networking.


For instance, we often organize study missions on PPP (public-private partnership), transformation leadership, and change management for African senior leaders. We plan to develop other options soon for Québéc-based senior executives who wish to take part in such programs abroad.


Study missions are very flexible and highly personalized.
They can focus on a specific topic to answer to a participant’s goals and challenges. These missions are also useful in the context of networking, and they often lead up to long-term partnerships.

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